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Church Leadership: A true example of Representative Governing

Our church is led by a group of 12 members (elders) called the Session and is moderated by the pastor of the church. Ruling elders, together with minister of the Word and Sacrament, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment and discipline, and have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships.  Elders have ultimate responsibility for all facets of the life of the church, its mission, and its government.  The importance of this office is emphasized by the fact that our denomination takes its name from presbuteros, the Greek word for elder.

The Nominating Committee recommends elders and deacons for three-year terms to the congregation to elect.  This occurs at the annual church congregational meeting.  Elders lead session committees, which currently are:  Membership & Outreach, Mission, Property, Stewardship, and Worship

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Leadership & Committees

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